YouTube to Launch Partner Reporting

This summer Com Score and YouTube planning to announce YouTube Partner Reporting. Com Score’s Dan Piece when he was questioned about methodology mentioned that marketers will be able to learn the number of unique viewers which belong to different YouTube channels and learn much more than Google Sites that is driven for most part by video viewing at which was top ranked in June 2011 with 149.3 million individual viewers. Now this will enable hundreds of YouTube partners to convert their legal content in new ways by representing their audiences to the agencies and brands that actively use Video Metrix data. Com Score Video Metrix focuses on YouTube because it represents above 99 percent of the video viewing at Google sites.


Com Score being able to split-out the metrics that associates both in-stream advertising videos and content videos which provide publishers and media planners with having abilities to determine ad clutter for completing publisher sites and to reach of in-stream advertising. Even the number of video ad-impressions allow publishers to serve monthly and to plan against the number of content videos those are available for media planner.

The only problem that could have occurred which is frequent different between censuses based site analytics data and panel-based audience measurement data have got a solution that Com Score has implemented, a panel-centric hybrid solution for the two methodologies which is called Unified Digital Measurement. It would provide a direct linkage as well as reconciliation between the census and panel approaches. Com Score servers therefore can record calls every time that content is accessed and can view them on its global panel. Moreover Com Score developed a proprietary methodology that can calculate audience reach in such way which would not affect any variables such as cookie deletion and cookie rejection/blocking. This hopefully would be a very exciting content that would be loved by everyone.

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