SEO Services for Small Business

We at Top of the Burg excel at what we do, and that includes tracking SEO analytics to measure SEO work and increase success in whatever marketing campaign you are paying us to run for you. What do you envision for your blog or website in the first year? How about 3 years down the road when your small business is growing? Whatever it may be, keep in mind:

  • You want slow, steady, balanced growth in your search engine traffic.
  • No sharp drops in search engine traffic
  • No spikes in traffic, unless your covering a hot topic that’s relevant at the moment.

Small Business search engine traffic can’t be all you are looking at for traffic sources though.

Small Business SEO depends on other factors like referring sites & direct traffic. As mentioned before, these need to be considered and balanced in the percentages so that your business SEO is looking as optimized as possible. We at Top of the Burg know all about that, so choose us for your small business SEO needs.


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Time is running out for small business owners to not have a website and still maintain relevancy in this day and age. Top of the Burg has all of the SEO solutions you’ll ever need, from inception of the website to the logo design and finally the hosting; we’re the complete answer you are looking for. Every site out there is looking for a complete suite of services offered at rates that are reasonable and fair. We also offer free SEO consultation when you call us at 1-855-SEND-SEO.

The risk with your small business trusting Google with all of your search results is that Google might change one of its policies tomorrow and decide that your small business website isn’t a trusted source; then the majority of your website’s overall traffic. Put your eggs in different baskets so you don’t come up short in business SEO. Top of the Burg specializes in keeping your small business website balanced between search traffic, referral traffic, and direct traffic. We hope you realize that metrics are the beginning of a long history of small business SEO and what we love to do at Top of the Burg.

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