SEO is more alive than ever

SEO has not gotten easier over past few years. There was a time when locally it was just being introduced and back then it was actually thought to have been a good thing to create a relatively static website and to get links to static pages of those with spot-on anchor text. Nowadays, the SEO industry talks about refusing to run ranking reports for clients, but at least is an indicator of opportunities. Moreover, SEO is the process of optimizing digital assets, which includes web pages certainly but it is more than that. Certain skill is required by images, videos, news or shopping to optimize search results to their full potential. Now social capabilities is a huge factor in today’s SEO; it means talking about a full-on channel effort utilizing tools like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the upcoming Google + which has high adoption rates and would be interesting to see how this takes Google’s algorithm going forward.

When it comes to measuring SEO’s success it is about making money and getting ROI. It is still a little tricky to measure success of SEO efforts. When you or anyone can show the dollar value for SEO efforts and how it is part of the sales funnel, you can then only see how far SEO services came from the days of merely running ranking reports.

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Many ask the question if SEO is dead but the answer is no. SEO is alive more than ever. It is evolving and has been doing so for years and in fact after 15 months SEO would have more changes in Google’s algorithm than at any time in the history of SEO. It is extremely and totally dynamic. This makes anyone feel something that is alive and wants to have more, perhaps more so than has ever been in the history of SEO.

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