No Follow or Do Follow Backlinks

No Follow or !Do Follow!…That is one of the questions these days for many link builders and internet marketers.  Over the last few years I have read hundreds if not thousands of internet marketing articles that discuss the benefits of do-follow links. If you do not know what a “Do Follow” link is, it is an attribute added to a hyperlink that when Search Engine Crawl Bots go to visit your site it will tell them to visit(dofollow) that link or just skip it(nofollow). While many SEO enthusiasts will tell you that you need only DO-FOLLOW links or else. I find that if a site has proper SEO  Web Design and Sculpting, it will outrank a site that has twice the links and are 100% do-follow.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work on quite a few SEO Campaigns and in my trial and errors, I have discovered that even though links may have a no-follow attribute, the sheer authority value of the site can bring out the true power of the no-follow link. A few examples of authority sites could be CNN, Fox  News, WSJ and more. You are looking for sites that consumers go to find information and look for answers on a daily basis.

There are a few sites out there that can help you determine the authority of a site on the net. The first we will discuss is Alexa.  Its name was derived by the creators Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat in relation to the Library of Alexandria which draws a parallel as it is the largest repository of information in the old world. These statistics are taken from user actions that have installed the Alexa toolbar.  Another site many use for general authority and trends of sites is Compete. I tend to favor Compete over Alexa due to the fact that I despise toolbars and Alexas information comes from just that a “toolbar” that follows users actions.  Compete also puts out fresh and new age feel that Alexa is just lacking.(I think got stuck with “Prince” at the party back in 99’)

So, what can I do with this information? That is one question you are going to have to answer. I would just suggest that the next time you go hunting for do-follow only blogs or begging for a link on a site that “MUST BE” DF, that you take the time and test out your strategy. You might be surprised with the extra push a no follow link can give.

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