Innovative Marketing : Nintendo’s Secrets Since 1889

Anyone who loves a great time knows Nintendo is one of the best gaming consoles of all time, but did you know exactly how long Nintendo has been around? Try 121 years, dating back to September 23, 1889  founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi. Other than making one of the best franchises of all time with their company, Super Mario Bros. one of the first marketing ideas Nintendo had was to make a ‘love hotel’. It is confirmed that these types of places offer couples a room for hours at a time and are populous in Japan. These are invested by Nintendo in the 1960’s, though the Nintendo Hotel idea seemed to lose along with the whole idea in the first place. Speaking of marketing, Nintendo has some of the most creative types of ideas while forming their company: did you know they once had a brick system called “N&B Blocks”? Some of the blocks were rounded so LEGO had to step in legally and sort things out. A 90’s Gameboy game referenced the now extinct blocks with an entire level devoted to the shape.

The company now resides in Redmond, Washington. Once being the home of Microsoft, Nintendo stands as its own Software & Hardware provider with millions of video game consoles and peripherals sold around the world. It’s a company that is special with its clients and markets to new generations all the time, keeping the content, characters and storylines fresh in kids’ minds throughout their lives. In fact, with the money Nintendo made with Donkey Kong, they ended up buying land in 1982. Who remembers the controller with those classic colors? The cross shaped classic d-pad changed the way users interact with tv, and now with the Wii, the rest is history. When thinking of innovative marketing, think no further than the example Nintendo has set.

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