How To Use Google Plus – The Cheat Sheet You Need

By now, we at Top of the Burg envision a lot of people have Google+; we all do over here, and on all the SEO authority we attain over here, we know this is a special feature Google has created that could possibly bring Facebook to it’s knees. Google+ can potentially be a safer, more intuitive social networking service that also has users communicating in near real time, cutting time people respond to messages by nearly 30-45 seconds per post/shared content. Mashable┬árecently shared a small cheat sheet that should help you get started on Google+ without any problems at all-




See how easy that was? When Facebook was starting out, all it was was a place for people to hookup and rate women on their looks, but in spite of the drama Mark Zuckerberg has gone through and the IPO offering Facebook will initiate next year, we at Top of the Burg also wonder what the valuation will end up being for Facebook now that Google+ is catching steam in the internet world; how many millions will Facebook lose, and what will Facebook now do for its users now that people have a more organic option in Google+? One advantage of Google+ is that you don’t have to login anywhere in order to use it; with Google covering most of the internet in search already, Top of the Burg has already seen on our Facebook wall many people making the pilgrimage from Facebook to Google+. Check out our previous article that explains how to upload photos to your google plus account.

Top of the Burg realizes that we are at a crucial time in the social media world, and that will only bring benefits to how we communicate with each other in the future if we happen to use social media as a way to reach out to each other. What are your thoughts on our beloved Google+ so far?


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