How to Use Apps in Making Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Even More Effective

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is becoming more and more important, and is offering much higher conversions than traditional marketing. Traditional marketing includes television or radio spots, or direct mail flyers. Many viewers or listeners skip commercials, and most people simply recycle mail flyers. Inbound marketing is getting the attention of your potential customers. Whether it be through a blog, social media marketing, or an newsletter via email. Basically with inbound marketing, you are convincing your customers to become interested in your product or service. You are doing this by showcasing what you have to offer. When having an inbound marketing plan, you can use apps to make it more effective, here are four such apps.


Organization is very important in any marketing campaign. Keeping track of website traffic, money spent and conversion rates is vital in having a solid inbound marketing plan. Google docs is very popular for allowing people to share files, word documents and excel documents all over the world. With GoDocs you can access this easily with your smartphone, including the ability to edit and upload new documents. This is a must have for anyone that needs to keep their marketing ideas organized. Being able to access from an app makes it much easier to make small changes or reference for a quick idea.


This is a great app to allow social media marketers to monitor and post on social media outlets. This app can be a time saver as you can schedule to post on multiple outlets all throughout the day. It can post to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, from more than one account. HootSuite even gives you analytics that are of course important for any social media marketing campaign. This is an essential app for any inbound marketing strategy.


One way to help in inbound marketing is an opinion poll, this is engaging and most people like to answer them. This can help greatly with researching your market. Polldaddy gives you the ability to make surveys and quizzes very quickly. The information gained from this app will help so much in a marketing campaign. With this, your visitors are basically giving you free advice and research.


SEO is of course very important in regards to inbound marketing. When you run an SEO campaign, you need to stay on top of the game, including analyzing your own pages, as well as competitors pages. This is where iSEO comes in, it can analyze keyword density, as well as Google and Alexa information. You can also see incoming links, and even the page rank of the website. This is a must have if you want to analyze how well a website is doing in the SEO game, whether it be yours or a competitors. Once you know how to use this app, you will be much more likely to jump to the first page.

Inbound marketing is a tricky game, it is so important to stay on top. When creating your campaign, it is a good idea to stay organized. When you are organized and can analyze what works and what does not, you can allocate time and money to your new marketing ideas. With these apps you are going to be way ahead of the game. These apps will literally help you save money being wasted, and improve efficiency of all marketing campaigns.

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Jonathan Hawkins

Jonathan Hawkins

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Jonathan Hawkins
Jonathan Hawkins
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