How to upload pictures to your Google Plus + account

Most likely if your on the internet as much as we are, chances are you know what Google is. Being one of the largest companies out right now with more than 10 years under its belt, Google has some of the best products around, especially if you have an iPhone or Android. This brings us to our how-to article today: How to upload pictures to Google+.  According to Mashable, Google’s image organizer, Picasa, now has an easy way to do this and have your photos shared with the web in no time.
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1: Sign in with Google Credentials. You will then see a list of your existing albums.

2. Make sure your location services are turned ‘on’.

3. Find Location Services by tapping the Settings icon, then Location Services, and then scroll down to find Piconhand.

4. Create a new ‘mobile’ album. You can also name it whatever you desire at this point, perhaps a specific ‘circle’ name you want to give certain access to. This controls who sees your album in Google+.

5. Select ‘Upload’, pick a Picasa album, and make sure you click ‘Start’. Nothing happens until you click ‘Start’.

6. Choose a picture from your library, or take a new one. You can also edit your pictures in preferences. A progress bar will show when the pictures are uploading.

7. After you are finished uploading, go to Google+ and adjust the visibility of the album, assigning the folder to the various circles you’d like to allow visibility to view the pictures.

Until Apple approves Google+ in the app store, these are the steps you will have to take in order to have your pictures show up properly. Have you uploaded any yet? So SEO and Web Design fans…Let’s hear your feedback in the comments!

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