Googles Hotel Finder Will Help The Hospitality Industry

Top of the Burg as an expert in SEO knows that the hotel industry continues to make money as search is becoming more necessary for mobile phone users who rely heavily on Google to quickly book a hotel while traveling. With so many sites out there like and Expedia, can Google take competition away from sites that have had customers for so many years?

With what Google calls the ‘hotel finder experiment‘, Google can find the ideal accomm

odation for a user based on priorites such as location and budget; the user can draw shapes around certain neighborhoods to pinpoint a certain proximity they want to reside in. With additional features such as being able to compare hotels with photos and reviews for the hotels being searched, and a shortlist for hotels the user has found and wants to bookmark, the hotel finder experiment might be one of the better creations from Google this year.

Knowing how Google likes to keep things around for a while, Top of the Burg expects this to take off really well, being that since users search under Google for hotels anyway, it’s most likely that hotel finder experiment and the brand Google is known for will make a successful foray into cyberspace. Have you used it for yourself? If so, what experience did you have with it? We at Top of the Burg did a quick search for hotels in the silicon valley and got extremely quick results in no time! Note that hotel finder can only be used for finding hotels within’ the U.S right now, but now that it is in ‘experimental mode’, we at Top of the Burg wonder the¬†amenities Google’s hotel finder experiment will have once the full fledged features come out! Will there be room service you can charge to a Google debit card for cash back savings? We’re getting ahead of ourselves!

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