Use Google’s Hot Searches to Drive Visitors to Your Site

Remember when you were excited about creating your small business website. The excitement boiled over into page upon page of fresh content that appealed to both your loyal, lifelong customers and customer prospects who found you online through one of the three major search engines, most likely Google. Your online marketing strategy seemed to be working, until one day, when the words for fresh content stopped, and your small business website became yesterday’s news. Google has relegated your website to results pages that only the most scrupulous among us can find. How do you regain your small business website’s relevance?

The Importance of Fresh Content | (Google’s Hot Searches)

While very few people have figured out Google’s search engine algorithm, one thing remains clear: Google rewards fresh content that appears on websites and blogs. An article that you publish today has more relevance than an article that you published just a month ago. Think about fresh website and blog content in the same manner that you view product obsolescence. You sell products that have current demand, not products that appealed to your customers one year ago. The same principle applies to website and blog content. You attract traffic by publishing content that discusses what is currently going on in your industry and with your small business.

Where to Find Fresh Content | (Google’s Hot Searches)

You can check out your competition to see what they have published within the last week. However, Google penalizes duplicate content. This attempt to create new content will not reward you with a high search engine ranking. You can guess what is on your customers’ minds, but this stab at relevance will probably land your small business website on Google’s twentieth search results page. You need a service that keeps you abreast of the latest industry trends and current events.

You can learn about what people are searching for online by checking out the Hot Searches in Google Trends. This Google service lists the fastest rising search terms that people have inputted into Google’s search engine. Google’s algorithm analyzes millions of searches on an hourly basis to determine which keywords have become the most popular. The hot searches list will give you plenty of ideas on what topics to write about on your blog or your web pages.

Google is always fine-tuning their services to serve small businesses better. Think about how Google Places has evolved over the last two years. Hot Searches now incorporates a refresh that enhances the visual appeal of searches and relates searches together by grouping search terms, so you see more information about search topics that pertain to your small business. The multimedia rich images and links to pertinent articles will provide you with topics your customers and customer prospects find “hot” at the moment.

Hot Searches ensure that the list you download is truly the hottest news stories of the day. If you do not find anything that directly relates to your small business, you can still create fresh content around a hot news story and publish it as a blog. This will take some creativity, but the content will attract traffic to your website. Moreover, Hot Searches provides you with more information in the “Related Searches” category, which can bring you to a news story that has relevance for your small business. Every new list will provide you with how many searches people have made on a particular topic over the previous twenty-four hours.

Your small business cannot afford to become yesterday’s news. Stay abreast of the latest trends and news by going to You will stay one step ahead of your competition by ranking higher in Google’s search engine.

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