Google Webmaster Tools: Introducing Author Stats

Just about everyone is an author on Google in one way or another. For this reason, the site has had to make a few changes. The third change, the introduction of “author stats,” has finally been introduced. If you missed the first two enhancements, take some time to catch up: 

1.    First: Link to the author’s profile page

With the explosion of blogging and freelance writing, authors everywhere were beginning to question their online presence. Last month, Google took this to heart and gave users the ability to click the name of the author in search results in order to see the author’s Google+ profile page. This helped the author gain visibility and gave the user another way to determine the credibility of an article.

2.    Second: More articles by the author

Although this was great for a few weeks, authors still hoped for more. Google then created a “more by [author name]” link that allows authors to see all of the articles they’ve written by simply clicking the link. More importantly, the introduction of this link allows users to see other articles the author has written. These articles are taken from an author’s Google+ page as well as those already indexed by Google. Check out the screenshot from Search Engine Land below:

3.    Third: Availability of author stats

The final piece of the puzzle (at least for now) is the introduction of “Author Stats.” A part of Webmaster Tools, the new statistics page will show an author how often their content is seen on a Google SERP (search engine results page) as well as how many impressions and clicks the content received. To get more advanced date such as the number of clicks, authors must associate their content with a Google Profile. This is typically done through email verification. Check out an “Author Stats” page below:

How to Get Started with Author Stats

Getting starting with “Author Stats” is actually quite simple. Visit and then login with your Google+ username. Although Google admits the service isn’t perfect yet, they are hoping to get reactions from users, so give it a try!

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