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Top of the Burg will always support the underdog, and though Google+ is seeing lots of acceptance in the social media world, Gizmodo today had an interesting post of how potentially lame Google+ can be if some things keep going the way they are. Before we get into that, here are some links you might find interesting-

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And now, for why Gizmodo thinks Google+ partially ‘sucks’-

Google+ is great for semi-sharing. You use it to have private discussions with adjustable groups of people. For business meetings and family gatherings and planning your weekend or vacation or career change with a small subset of your social circles.

Semi-sharing is pretty much the killer feature of Google+. It makes it really easy to host a small, quasi-private discussion. I can add individuals or groups depending on who I want involved. And it does this on a per-post, or per-discussion basis. That’s just like real life. Which means you can be real. You can be genuine.

The problem is, nobody’s doing that. Or at least, not enough of us are.

Google+ has this great ability. Yet so far, unless you are a very wonkish person, it is quite boring. Most of the public conversations seem to revolve around Google+ itself. It’s a lot of people gathered in a room together taking turns smelling their own farts. It’s a naval-gazer’s paradise, which is always boring.

Worse, until you get a critical mass of friends on there, the private conversations aren’t exactly thrilling either. I’ve already been circled by almost 2000 people. And I still have yet to see anything interesting.

What are your thoughts on this sentiment, reader? Are you enjoying Google+ so far?


Jonathan Hawkins

Jonathan Hawkins

Jonathan Hawkins is founder and CEO of Topoftheburg. Since a young age he has been involved in website design and search engine marketing for business owners. at Topoftheburg, LLC
Jonathan Hawkins
Jonathan Hawkins
Jonathan Hawkins

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