Google SHARE Button Live In Search Results


Google Share Button is Live!

Google introduced Google+ to enter the social media market and take market share away from industry leaders, Facebook and Twitter. The jury is still out on whether Google+ will become a dominant player in social media, but you cannot say that Google is not trying hard to supplant the Big Two as the premier provider of social media services.

How does this affect small business owners? Google recently unveiled Google+ Local, a business listing service that integrates social media components with the former Google Places information. Now, Google is looking into possible deeper integrations between Google local searches and Google +. Google has added a “Share” link on its local search listings that allow users to share business listings directly to Google+ from the search results page. Users also have the capability to add comments.

Google’s Product Manager, Sean Liu, recently expounded on the test. In a Google+ statement, Liu stated the Google was rolling out a new experiment to provide a “Share” link in Google local search results. The purpose of the link is to allow users to share the links with friends, professional peers, and family members. You can choose to share it publicly or post the link to your Google+ stream.

Most of us have taken Marketing 101, the introductory course that taught us the value of word of mouth advertising. Google has taken word of mouth advertising to another level, creating a potential chain reaction that will increase your sales. The new Google “Share” feature is now official, meaning that you have even more reason to claim and verify a Google+ Local business listing.

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