How To Get Started With Email Marketing

You need to ask yourself a lot of questions first. Do not take the advice of others who will tell you to sign up with an email marketing company or tool. You will need to do that, but you must lay a lot of sand down before you get to that stage. Do not think that just because Email is free that sending out a bunch of them will bring you back a lot of free customers, because you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Many people justify their actions by saying, “Oh well, even if I get one sale out of it, at least its free!” This is not the way that email marketing works. Doing it that way is short sighted and sows the seeds of failure. You need to cultivate a mail list and romance your readers so that they do not block you or throw you in their junk file for eternity.


You need to know who should receive your emails. There is no point of sending marketing emails to people who live in apartments. There is no point of sending emails for baby goods to old age pensioners. You need to make sure that you target your customers.

You need to target them via your mail list so that the emails get to the right people, and you need to target people in the way you construct your email. Bright flashy colors are not good for funeral services, just as dark colors are not suitable for party websites.


Find out what your competition is sending to its customers and how well they are doing off of it. Find out what your target consumer wants to see on their emails and find out what makes them click delete. Find out what your potential customers consider to be spam, and what they consider to be a “message from your company.” There is a massive difference!


Plan the way you send your emails (small batches, varied batches, test batches), plan the way you will construct your advert and plan your time line. Sometimes the timing of an email is all powerful. Are you going to advertise your fireworks two days before Thanksgiving, or two weeks? Do it two weeks before and people are more likely to buy.

Advert creation

Make it good, make it targeted, and make it easy to understand, make it easy to use. Get to the point when you write it. People have no time for fluff and sales talk. Get straight to the meat and tell people why they want your product and how they will be missing out if they do not buy from you.

Mail list

Your mail list must be targeted and not one that is bought online. The ones you buy online are 80% made up and 20% people who do not want to be emailed. You need to create a double-opt-in system so that you can legally contact people. You can also make it so that your emails do not end up in the users junk folders if you create a double opt in system.

Test market

Do not send all of your emails to your entire list. Do a test run to see if you get any response. Do a little bit of trial and error to find out if there are things you can improve about your adverts and your mailing system. Send the emails to your family and friends and ask for their help and input. Ask if they experienced any problems opening your email, or if it was directed straight to their junk folder. They will each have different types of email system and browsers, so it will help you to debug any platforms that cause your users problems.

Email marketing tool

This is a tool or a service that will allow you to send multiple emails. You need on that you can upload a mail list onto, which will send emails one at a time. This means that your emails are less likely to end up in someone’s junk folder, and also means that the other people you sent the email to will not show up on your recipients emails.

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