Fugitive Dares Cops To Catch Him Via Facebook, Gets Caught

Top of the Burg gets all type of news in our current stream of conscious internet-worthy stories, but this one attests to the power of top social media champion of the world, Facebook, and the stupidity of criminals when they log into this site. Today’s story brings your attention to a man named Ruben J. Burgos (we’ll give you time to search for him on Facebook, go ahead) who, according to cnet.com, posted a revealing message to his whereabouts: “”Catch me if you can. I’m in Brooklyn.”

Something done like this on Facebook seems to always get a valuable response from law enforcement, and with Burgos

being on the Utica, N.Y.P.D ten most wanted list for for three counts of criminal contempt and two of aggravated harassment of his ex-girlfriend (including threats to kill her), Burgos must have figured it was a wise move as well to post a video of him walking into an NYPD station house. How dumb is this guy? We at Top of the Burg wish for all the dumb criminals to smarten up while around social networks!

According to Sgt. Steve Hauck, it was as simple as a request from Burgos, and the NYPD going in for the kill; : “He told us via Facebook to come and get him and we did.” Burgos has his pictures all over facebook as he works allegedly as R. Mack Milly, a rap music promoter. His business page is either a joke or this guy is pretty popular with rappers, with affiliations with Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money, Rick Ross’ Carol City Cartel, and more. Poor guy; his mugshot on Facebook is being kindly commented on by a bunch of well wishers lashing out at him for his stupidity. We at Top of the Burg offer one kind word of advice; please don’t drop the soap.

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