How To Create A Successful Guest Posting Campaign For Link Building

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Search engine optimization is a difficult forever changing industry. Due to the Penguin and Panda update the rules and regulations have changed and forcing bloggers to be more intelligent and systematic about their approach.


Guest posting enables bloggers to effectively post on another relevant and niche blog for no additional cost, it is purely to gain that almighty link. Here I will explain why guest posting is now so important to a link building campaign and how to ensure you are carrying out an effective, efficient and Google friendly approach.


First of all you need to identify your niche. It is deemed appropriate by Google to post a guest post on a niche that is relevant to your back link and article. For example, a candy blog should have a post that is relevant to candy and a back link linking to a site that is also related to confectionaries. Ensure all your content is relevant, authentic and engaging, as Google will be on the look out for content that is thin, then they will penalize it accordingly.  One company that is a member of the ACRA and that I recommend is Company Formation.


Where to Find Blogging Opportunities for successful guest posting


In order to find a blog relevant to your niche, implement a variety of ways in order to gain leads. Use the sites and tactics below:



REVIEW WEBSITE AUTHORITY for successful guest posting


Once you have identified your niche, identify the blogs you want to post on. Look at a variety of aspects when trying to see if the blog is worthy of posting on. Take these factors into consideration:


  • Page Rank – download Google’s Page Rank tool; this will tell you how Google feel about the particular page
  • Domain and page authority – Seomoz have implemented a plug in that rates pages in accordance to relevant back links, this can be used to gauge its reliability.
  • Check the back links – use Majestic SEO.
  • Check the posts to see if they are high quality
  • Look at the Alexa ranking and traffic
  • Take into consideration a blogs use of social media plug ins
  • Check the overall quality of the blog


Taking these factors into consideration will ensure you post on a blog that will carry high amounts of link juice. This will gives your links more weighting. Now you have identified your blog, you need to contact them. A blogger should always be polite and offer flexibility. Forward a selection of titles and allow the blog owner to choose the topic, remember to only request two links.


Remember a few things when submitting a post:


  • Ensure you have included all your keywords to make your article optimized
  • Offer the blogger something in return, for example a post on your site.
  • Don’t be greedy, if you cant offer them much, don’t ask for too much.


Hopefully, a blogger has accepted your submission and they are now just waiting on you to send the article.


lINK layout examples for successful guest posting

Remember to only use a maximum of two links unless your post is very lengthy. It is now advised to moderate how much keywords and anchor text you use:

  • 20% main keywords in anchor text
  • 20% URL in the author bio
  • 20% lesser keywords
  • 20% leading to another of your guest post
  • ????????


You can either put a link in the article with your keyword or you can put both links in the author bio. This is dependant on the author’s requirements. You should always check their rules before creating your article. Try including a few images in the post to make it look more attractive and engaging. Once you have received the URL to your article, you should submit it to Link Pipeline; they will almost instantly register your link.


Now you have successfully sent a guest post you are ready to do it on a range of blogs. Carry out this simple procedure time and time again, and then you will be able to effectively guest post. Try and build blogger relationships, this way you can post on each blog more than once for a variety of subjects and keywords. Never burn a blog, only use a keyword once or twice on each blog; otherwise Google will determine this as spam. Finally, you need to fully utilize the social media avenues, once you have submitted the post you should tweet and Facebook the post.


Before you know it, your site will be gaining a steady flow of traffic, and an array of back links and a higher Google ranking.

Jonathan Hawkins

Jonathan Hawkins

Jonathan Hawkins is founder and CEO of Topoftheburg. Since a young age he has been involved in website design and search engine marketing for business owners. at Topoftheburg, LLC
Jonathan Hawkins
Jonathan Hawkins
Jonathan Hawkins
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