Can Google Plus Help Your Marketing Efforts?

In true Google fashion, they have added yet another facet of their Google-opoly, with the creation and of Google+ in July 2011. The end of November 2011 showed a 25% growth from the previous month, and counting. The question remains: can the new social networking site, Google Plus Marketingperforms as an integral part of your business marketing plan?

Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus Marketing

How Can You Use Google Plus Marketing in Your Business?

You can use Google Plus Marketing in a variety of ways. With multiple capabilities, there is the possibility of this becoming the Facebook for businesses.

  • As a smaller business, you can use circles to assemble your customers into groups. Whether they want to hear about promotions, breaking news, product information or new media, you can reach the right customers with the right information.
  • Here you can chat with the hangout feature. As you can imagine, this can be an easy way to connect with customers or business partners. You can then use your page to announce a time when you’ll be taking questions via video. Your customers are engaged with you and your product page at the same time.
  • This can be yet another way to gather user generated content. Because people can stay connected to you r page from their page, their friend’s pages, or Google, it’s a modern way to stay relevant.
  • The statistics feature provides an easy way to see who’s adding you in their circles and where you rank on the list of most popular pages.

What Can It Do For You?

Google+ provides a variety of tools that can help you market, but more importantly, become a part of their everyday world; you can be in constant conversation. Better yet, there is very little you actually have to do.

  • Get a Google+ badge. You can place this badge on your site, and various pages, and it will link everyone to your Google Plus page.
  • Your badge will also allow people to +1 you. This allows them to essentially recommend you with a quick click of the mouse.
  • Once people have “recommended” your page via the +1, it will automatically surface when their friends are searching for the same thing. You get a personal recommendation without even asking for it.
  • People can add you to their different circles. This will allow them to follow and comment on your posts.
  • The feature direct connect allows people to type in the name of your business, preceded by the + sign, and be automatically taken to your page.

This Is All Good and Well, But…

Google+ is growing with each quarter, but hasn’t come close to reaching the size of other social networking sites, such as Facebook, with its 800 million user base. With the total Google+ population made up of 69% guys, it leaves out a large sector of your customer base.

Their current group of popular industries is small, and mostly revolves around the creative job sector. Though the site was recently ranked 8th out of the top 10 networking sites, it might not be large enough to make much of a difference… yet.

Growing at a rate of 625,000 new members a day, with a huge member spurt in December, the new social networking site could be well on its way. Paul Allen, a U.S. analyst, estimates that it will hit 400 million users by the end of 2012. Considering it took Facebook four years to surpass 60 million members, this can certainly mean Google+ is on its way to making an impact.

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Taking my lead from the most recent predictions and membership jumps, I think it’s safe to say you should be getting involved sooner than later. Everyone wants a new way to connect with their favorite companies, and this will be an easy way for you to make that happen. Getting to know the site and its features before everyone else jumps on the band wagon can give you a leg up as it slowly becomes the standard. This feature rich social networking site can do wonders for your marketing abilities. Customers want to be spoken to and interacted with in a personal manner. Google+ lets you do all that and more with incredible ease. Grab our Google Plus Cheat Sheet and learn the ropes quickly.

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