Blog Design

A blog is a powerful marketing tool that utilizes the power of online publishing, and puts it in your hands. Blogs are an excellent way of keeping your website visitors, potential clients, and the internet community up to date about you, your company or your business. Blogs allow you to reach out and interact within the social media realm with the ability to add your own unique style and content. If  you are ready to take your blogging to the next level let us help.

TopoftheBurg in Fredericksburg, Virginia specializes in custom blog design for personal and business blogs hosted through WordPress, Blogger, and all other 2.0 web properties. Our custom blog designs are tailored to reflect the style, personality and profile of your business.It is the perfect way to showcase who you are and what is unique and attractive about your particular business. We have blog design options for every budget, so be sure to contact us to find the right choice for you. We make your vision come to life on the web. We take pride in everything we work on and want to make your blog a success.

TopoftheBurg  can set your blog apart from your competitors and match your current website’s design to create a custom theme from scratch. We provide professional blog design services that support your brand to meet your communication goals. Your blog is your voice. If a blog sounds interesting to you, but maybe not in your current plans, let’s talk and work out a what is within your budget. You just might be surprised at how affordable it is. We create custom blog designs based on YOUR individual needs and within budget. We design it, code it, install it, and support it – all under one roof.

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