AllergEase – Launches Website and Product for Allergy Relief

There’s a brand new idea for fighting allergies that just hit the market: AllergEase organic lozenges! These all-natural drops can complement your current allergy remedy, or work by themselves. Utilizing five organic herbs and a good dose of Vitamin C, AllergEase offers support to allergy sufferers by helping them suppress allergic responses like watery eyes, scratchy throats, sneezing, and other common allergy symptoms.


AllergEase                                                                 All Natural Allergy Relief  and Remedy


AllergEase can be ordered at for $4.99 a pack, or found on the shelves of select drugstores and retailers. AllergEase may help the following people stop allergies:

  • Teachers: They can’t give their students medicine, but like cough drops, they can offer an AllergEase lozenge.
  • Runners: Fitness enthusiasts who love the outdoors—but hate allergy season—may find comfort on since the AllergEase lozenges won’t make them drowsy and hurt their running performance.
  • Celebrities: Red-eye flights and early a.m. interviews are difficult enough without medicine that makes you drowsy. AllergEase lozenges can help celebrities, VIPs, and executives ward off their allergic responses without side effects, so they can still give an interview or make quick appearances.
  • People Who Suffer from Mild Seasonal Allergies: Some adults develop allergies later in life but know they don’t need a strong over-the-counter pill…which makes AE drops an attractive solution to help them fight the discomfort even mild allergy reactions can cause.
  • People Who Suffer from Severe Seasonal Allergies: Since AE drops are safe to consume with other medicines, people who have really bad allergies may get the extra help they need from AllergEase lozenges.

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