5 Top Secret Methods That Will Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns in 2015

  • For newbies, are you wondering if advertising on Facebook is a good idea?
  • Does the average marketer have a budget strong enough to maximize ad presence?
  • For experienced users, are you wondering if the new platform will work for you?

Look no further! Relax and enjoy the ride on your personal magic carpet to a more simplifying way to maximize the benefits of using Facebook for your next Facebook Ad campaign!


Today, you will discover how to create a Facebook Ad campaign that will allow you to optimize, organize, and measure ad performances giving you the best results in 2015! You will be able to identify which ads work the best for your campaign, measure each individual ad results, and test your ads via different target audiences by creating responsive ad sets.


Structuring your Ad Campaign

Prior to March 4th, 2014, Facebook only consisted of two campaign structure levels – ads, and campaigns. Now, Facebook has added a third new structure called ad sets.

Here is how the structure works. To run ads on Facebook, you will first need to choose an objective. An objective is what you want to accomplish with your ads like promoting an app, or building awareness with your business. Choosing the right objective creates a campaign, which is the starting platform to establishing stunning ad performance.

The next structure is ad sets. This is where you will choose your target audience, the location of your ads, the schedule of your ads, and your ad budget.

At the ad structure level, it’s all about what your audience will see. This is where you will design what will appear in your ads. This may include text ads, image ads, video ads, various ad links, or just about what ever idea you may have linking your creation to your site, or business.

You will also want to test to see which ads perform the best by conducting what is called A/B testing. This is simply when you compare the performance of ad (A) against ad (B), so that you can see which ad performs the best, and or what adjustments need to be made. You can compare, videos, photos, text links, and more using Facebook ads reporting tools.

This unique but simple layout structure allows you to measure, and optimize your ad campaign exactly the way you want, without blowing your budget.


Here is an example of the new campaign structure below

As the diagram states, you may now have multiple ads for each ad set. You will have the option of switching the imagery of the ad, while still creating an ad that is targeted to the intended audience. This allows for individual uniqueness, plus maintain a fresh face to your audience.

Campaign organization by target audience

In order to get the best results out of your ad sets, you will need to construct a reasonable schedule, budget, and analyze strategic ad placement.

You will first need to set up separate ad sets for each target audience. This will allow for minimal competition against your other ad sets


You can set your ad schedule to run on a continuous basis, or by your preferred target date range.


You will have the option of choosing your maximum daily budget for each ad, or by creating a lifetime budget for bigger longer campaigns.