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Increase Reader Engagement Online


You can agree with me that content which is not engaging is as good shooting aimlessly. When content is not engaging it creates a gap between the writer and reader simply because the readers interest is no longer on the content. With this in mind, I shall be sharing a few tips on how you can write content that is engaging and exciting and will help you extend a powerful and meaningful message to your readers.

1. Keeping The Interest of the Reader In Mind

This is the first step to writing engaging content for your readers. If you miss this point, then it is also very unlikely that you will be able to apply the rest of the tips.
It is very likely for writers to lose themselves when writing and end up writing content that is centered on what they like or what interests them alone. This will be the greatest fall to your writing career if you do so. Whenever you are writing content keep your audience in mind. Remember, you don’t write articles to make you happy unless you keep them in a personal journal, but if it is your blog or other publicity, then you better think twice.

A great example is an interior decoration blog. The description of the blog indicates that it shall share tips on various interior designs, but the writer only concentrates on furniture designs yet there is more to interior design than furniture alone.

2. Provide a Solution To Readers Problems

Most readers will come online looking for articles that answer their questions. They have a problem and they have turned to the internet to look for answers. So, creating content with readers who have a particular problem in mind will definitely stand out and grab most reader’s attention.

3. Creating a Catchy Title

First consider the aim of your content and its respective audience. From there, search article directories for articles with a similar aim or in the same niche. However, search articles that have high readership and grab the style or vibe used in each of the articles that have readership. This is so because, if the articles have high readership it is also very likely that it the title that drew the attention of the readers through.

4. Be Straightforward

This is a powerful tip to keep in mind at all times. By being direct, you will notice that you may not write as much content, and it will help you avoid keep beating about the bush and the readers will see a great value in your work. Unlike work that has a lot of blub and less facts or major points to bring home. The fact is that not all readers have a great attention span. In that view, content should be created with readers who have short and long attention span.

5. Flow of Points

After all has been said and done, the question is that does your content flow? Your ideas written down must be able to show a logical flow of ideas. Unorganized work is very likely to distort the message you are trying convey or confuse or irritate the readers.

Writing content that is engaging and exciting at the same
time is possible. So, start applying these tips today and surely it shall improve your level of engagement with your audience.

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Jonathan Hawkins

Jonathan Hawkins

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Jonathan Hawkins
Jonathan Hawkins
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