5 Places Certain Things Must Go (And Why Positioning Is Everything)

When you design something it’s very important everything is positioned in the right place. If it’s not then anything could go wrong. If you decide to build a house with the foundations in the wrong place it will fall down quicker than you think. If you design a bike and one of the wheels isn’t touching the ground it’s a major flaw. Unless it’s meant to be a unicycle you’re not going to get anywhere very fast unless you run. The same can be said for websites. If things aren’t positioned in the right place you don’t have any chance of building a successful business.
Your website will fall down quicker than you think. You won’t get anywhere fast. You are going to fail because of the design. Not what it looks like, but where things are. You have to start thinking of your site as an equation. When each part of your website is in the wrong part of the equation it doesn’t make sense. When everything is positioned perfectly you have a working equation. That’s what you’re aiming for and we can have a look at some ways you can do it. Remember that these aren’t set in concrete and you must test everything.
Easy-to-use navigation
I’m not sure what could be more important when it comes to position than the navigation. It’s not all about using the right wording, it needs to be sitting on the page where people can see it. This is where you should break down your navigation into two sections. The first one should be somewhere right at the top and should include a link to your home page, about page, contact page, etc. The second navigation bar should be under the logo and it should deal with the main links to your actual content.
Your opt-in form
If you don’t have one of these yet you need to find out about them. A website that’s not building their email list is a website that’s not sure whether they are a business. Your money will come from the emails you send out, mostly, so having a visible opt-in form above the fold on the far-right of your screen is important. It also never hurts to have a few more of these splashed around, but if we’re going to focus on the homepage I’d say put one in the footer.
A brilliant logo
Every business must have a logo. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most plain looking thing in the world, but if you don’t have it on your site the visitors will find it hard to ingrain a mental image of you in their mind. The logo needs to be somewhere at the top of the page. Let’s not touch on this too much because it’s something you probably already know, but make sure your logo is there.
Easy-to-read content
The easiest content to read is the stuff we can actually find. That means having your articles somewhere that people will see them results in more views, which results in more loyal readers, which results in more money. You get the point. The only way you’re going to make money is by letting people read your content. It seems crazy that you’d make it hard for them to do so.
A finely executed sidebar
Your sidebar is one of the biggest spots of fine real estate on your site. When you put something there it’s shown on almost every page. That means you have to be really selective about the things you choose. Think of this as a business, so what can you put inside your sidebar that would help you increase your profits?

Josh Mackenzie is a leading website designer in New York. His blogs are mostly about website designing and maintenance. The tips that he gives on his blogs are really very helpful to the newbie web designers.