3 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Crush the Competition

3 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Crush the Competition

By now most companies are aware that social media is important. Very important. This makes monitoring social media efforts even more crucial when trying to help grow your business. You want to make sure you know what is said and when it was said on both your accounts as well as the accounts you follow. This will help you better respond to the trends of the network, analyze your competitors, and learn from some of the leading voices in your industry. After all, if you’re going to spend hours a day tweeting and liking and stumbling, you may as well do it right.

Unfortunately, this can be extremely difficult because there are so many social networking sites to manage. You will be dealing with different followers, different trends, and different types of information as you move from one site to the next. For example, LinkedIn generally focuses on business opportunities and advice while Facebook typically focuses on promotions and special deals. In other words, whether you’re learning how to start a business or just trying to improve the visibility of your company, the monitoring aspect of social media can get overwhelming.

Many companies have solved this problem by enlisting the help of social media monitoring tools. These tools help keep all social actions organized for you so you can focus on the important aspects of social media. Below lists the top three tools used by companies:

Top 3 Social Media Monitoring Tools

  1. 1.    Conversocial – Focus on conversation

Conversocial has been around since 2009 and has been proven successful ever since. It works to keep you on top of discussions about your company that happen via social media so you can react. It also helps companies determine which content is more popular in terms of social media. This gives companies a better idea about what is working and what is not when it comes to social media. The service is known to provide great customer service and offers advanced deals for those hoping to work with colleagues. You can download the most basic version of the tool by clicking on “Sign Up & Pricing” on the homepage for free or check out the team or enterprise version for a cost of $149-$299 per user per month. Below is a screenshot from the tool itself:

You will notice that the bar on the left-hand side gives options such as @Mentions, Direct Messages, Assigned to you, and Accepted. The options allow you to break down your information even further; thus making this very user friendly.


Conversocial Screenshot

  1. 2.    Socialbakers – Focus on statistics

Another one of the largest social media monitoring tools, socialbakers is also considered one of the most user friendly. This tool puts its focus on statistics for the major social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube – and represents over 60 countries. It was originally called the Facebakers when it began in 2009, so it’s no surprise they offer a feature called “Engagement Analytics” that enables statistical analysis of Facebook worldwide. The service also offers a feature called “Engagement Builder,” which gives users the ability to track conversations that are happening and whether or not they are getting engagement on their sites. Finally, the site also gives users the option of seeing how their social media efforts compare to their competitiors. If you’re not getting as much engagement, you’ll be able to see why. Below is what you would see if you were to purchase socialbakers:



Socialbakers Screenshot

  1. 3.    Socialmention – Focus on reach

This tool puts its focus on reaching users through social media. It tracks blogs, comments on blogs, and things that are said about your company via social networking. It not only follows these conversations so that you can react quickly, but it shows you the strength of your brand. In other words, it will estimate the likelihood you are being discussed online, the ratio of mentions that are positive versus negative, if people are talking about your company repeatedly, and how many unique people are referencing your company each day. Below is a screenshot of the service:

You will notice that the bar on the left hand side shoes whether or not the things being said are positive or negative, breaks your influence down by keywords, gives you a strength, sentiment, passion, and reach percentage, and gives you exact numbers when it comes to retweets, number of unique visitors, and last mention.

social mention

Social Mention Screenshot

Many companies such as Loreal and BMW use social media monitoring tools to help stay organized. If you’re a serious company, you need to take social media seriously. It’s difficult to do that on your own, but these tools were designed to help.

Have you tried any social media monitoring tools that have worked for you?

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