10 Reasons Your Site Visitors Might Not Be Converting Into Money

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Learning SEO - Converting Site Visitors

Learning SEO – Converting Site Visitors

Top of the Burg presents 10 reasons your site visitors might not be converting into money:

  1. Prices- Your wallet can’t be too skinny in this recession or you will surely be disappointed. In the online retail world, you have to be transparent as well as accessible to your client base. Comparative shopping is very difficult in real life compared to the internet, so hire us for your SEO writing and design needs.
  2. When it comes to feedback, you have to have clear product descriptions in order to make sales happen for your page. Is everything that can be explained clear to the reader? Fashion retailers take notice; every listing should include materials used, origin of goods and the appropriate sizing info/
  3. How much of the product do you have currently? Whether it’s a popular item or not, you want to make sure you have enough of it when your selling an item. If your item is out of stock, it is suggested you make sure to list when exactly it will be available again. Once again, you might have a product that isn’t exactly what they are looking for but serves a similar purpose just fine.
  4. How does your site function? It better function well if users will be looking at it a lot! Do you have a wish list on your site? What about in-store pick up? This and many more types of features are expected on a web 2.0 site, as this century has seen some amazing sites being built.
  5. Is your shipping easy and fast? If you don’t have a great checkout process you can stand to expect drop-offs and abandonment of your site. They way to fix it? Offer shipping internationally and offer shipping prices in the currency of any destination the user can think of, that’ll fix it!
  6. Images: this is something we at Top of the Burg specialize in: With graphic logo design and print work, we’re a team of writer and SEO founder Jonathan Hawkins, getting tons of work done around the clock, around the world while at the same time satisfying our customers.
  7. Ever wanted to offer discounts to your customer base? We all hope for doing so and making more customers appear in our site buying things, so make sure to clarify if offline purchases for items can be discounted.
  8. Can users navigate through your site easily? If not, you need to arrange your broken links and fix those category pages. Top of the Burg specializes in making this all come true and look great for your website. What more could you ask for with such a great team taking over your project? See our portfolio for specific examples.
  9. Do you have great looking videos on your page? If not, adding a product page for your site can add a professional, informative edge on the competition.
  10. Lastly, your site should load fast. Benchmark your time against the competition, or make the ultimately wise decision to leave your website SEO to Top of the Burg.


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